How To Select The Right Blush For Your Skin Tone

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A faint blush on your cheek can give you that flushed youthful look, making you look healthier and fresh. But picking the right shade of blush is important. Go off by a bit and you may come off more marionette and less a dewy faced model. Here are some handy tips to help you pick the right blush for your skin tone.

Fair skin tones with pink undertones

For fair skinned women, the natural blush of the skin is usually pale pink or mild rose. And that’s the colour you should stick with to keep the look as natural and flattering as possible. Avoid anything that’s got too much brown in it. Err on the side of picking lighter shades of blush rather than darker ones. You could also try light coral or peach or experiment with unusual shades like mauve.

Fair skin tones with yellowish undertones

Peach and light coral are flattering shades for fair-skinned women with yellowish undertones. In fact, peach is a shade that make-up experts say goes well on a range of skin-tones, but none wear it as well as this type of fair skinned lasses. Because of the yellowish orange shades in the blush, again, it closely resembles the natural blush of your skin. Look for brands that have a sheer or satin label to get a finish that’s smooth.

Medium skin tones with yellowish undertones

Most women have a medium skin tone, and picking shades of blush that are also middle of the line on brightness and shade is always a good idea. Dusty or muted mauves can work well with medium skin tones with yellowish undertones. This shade of skin benefits from subtlety.

Medium skin tones with golden undertones

Feel free to use rosy pinks or even deep peaches. Medium coloured skin is complemented beautifully by apricot coloured blushes, giving you a fresh, feminine and soft look and highlighting the orangey golden of your skin.

Olive skin tones

Amber coloured blushes and peach shades can be absolutely stunning on olive coloured women. Beautifully highlighting their gorgeous complexion, pure peaches do for this skin tone what orange and cantaloupe can’t.

Golden brown skin tones

Tangerine complements the golden brown of this skin-tone, lending a gentle wind-flushed look and fresh flirty look.

Dark skin with yellow undertones

Keep in mind that darker skin doesn’t have a visible flush, so you will need to pick colours that enhance the warmth of the skin colour. Use strong orange blushes on very dark skin to warm the skin’s underlying yellow. Reach for orange, coral or bronze.

Dark skin with red undertones

Berry colours and terracotta shades are divine on darker skinned women who have red undertones. A berry blush brings a subtle hint of richness to the cheeks.

Why hair colour matters

Besides considering what kind of skin you have while picking your blush, you should also keep in mind what your hair colour is and how that will pair with the blush you have picked and your skin tone. For instance, someone with raven hair combined with cool skin tones or neutral tones can make bubblegum pink look stunning. Redheads with porcelain skin or those with freckles wear an apricot blush well.