A Complete Makeover At A Beauty Salon

When everything goes downhill or you feel like it is time for a big change, a makeover at a beauty salon is what you need. Changing the outer appearance welcomes a string of empowering changes from within. If you find it hard to believe that your outer appearance is tangibly bound to your internal well-being then ask yourself, why on the days you feel well dressed are the days you feel most confident?


Makeovers are a part of most beauty salons. With a complete makeover, the pleasing transformation is rejuvenating. The common procedures that are included in a make -over are:

• New hair, new you: A good hair cut transforms your face. Roundness can be veiled or an angular jaw is highlighted. A good hair style renews your lost confidence. Go one step ahead and get the highlights that you always wanted. Hair styles are preferential to face types. A round face requires longish hair creating an illusion of a long face. The ideal hair length must be at or below the level of the chin. Any style with hair falling on the chin or above will make the face look wider that it already is. For short hair styles, ask the stylist to give you layers.

An oval face can pull off any haircut. Keep it long or spiky short, the choice is yours. Avoid heavy bangs and styles that cover your face.

For square faces, short hair style is a big no-no. Keep the length till the chin to make the face look longer. Get sharp layers and curl your hair if possible. Curls soften the angular lines of the face radiating a feminine aura.

• Skin care: Making skin care a part of your daily routine using the right products has pleasing results. Skin starts to glow and clear out. At a beauty salon, the work done is superficial and if the results are to be maintained a small effort from your side is required. An exfoliating or a galvanic facial will remove dead skin and lighten any skin coloration from sun damage. Dark circles from around the eye are effectively erased after a few sessions.

• Make up to wake up: While considering make up, the effect must not be so strong that you look like you are getting prepped for a stage show. Keep it light and natural. If you want to play up your eyes, leave the rest of your face bare. The trick here is to use the right foundation to blend in the uneven skin tone. A good concealer when applied right hides acne. Ask the salon expert on the products to use and the right make-up sensibilities.

• Pamper your hands and legs: The look is incomplete without pedicured hands and a good manicure. Shape your nails right and indulge in nail art that is trending. While you are at the beauty salon for a makeover, you would rather be thorough about it than leave open corners.
Carry forward these changes into your daily life and witness your metamorphosis into the best version of yourself!