Five Amazing Health Benefits of Mud Packs

Health Benefits of Mud Packs

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of mud therapy in making skin appear healthy and glowing. Mud packs are a popular beauty treatment because they help clear skin from within (based on the mud type). They soothe your skin and also make it naturally radiant as the mud flushes out toxins. Another advantage of applying a mud pack on your face is that it makes your skin appear younger. Mud packs boost blood circulation and also help in the regeneration of skin cells, thereby making them a natural anti-ageing treatment. However, do mud packs only offer skin benefits? Certainly not, here are five other ways in which mud packs prove beneficial for your overall health.

mud packs

A mud pack is applied on the abdomen to boost digestion. The mud absorbs heat in the area and also stimulates bowel movement. It is also preferred by those suffering from stomach aches. Mud packs, when applied on the abdomen, also help reduce intestinal heat. It also provides relief from constipation.

The application of a mud pack on the forehead is said to offer quick relief from headaches. It is especially useful if the cause of frequent headaches is excessive heat in the body.

Stress and anxiety relief
As mentioned earlier, mud therapy has a calming and soothing effect on the area where it is applied. So when you take a mud bath, you don’t just get rid of the toxins in your body, it also calms your senses. A mud massage also relaxes the body and revitalises your cells. One version of mud therapy involves walking barefoot in mud while another one emphasises on sleeping in mud to help the body relax. Mud therapy helps lower stress levels as it soothes both your mind and body.

Vomiting and diarrhoea
If you are suffering from diarrhoea or are vomiting frequently, applying a mud pack can prove helpful. Apply the mud pack on your abdomen in case of diarrhoea and on the chest if you are suffering from frequent vomiting.

In case of fever, apply a mud pack on your stomach or forehead to get some relief. Mud therapy, in this case can help absorb excess heat from the body.

Apart from these five health benefits, several people rely on mud therapy for its healing effect. Mud packs help heal scars and wounds, due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Mud packs are also popular for relaxing the area around eyes. Apart from being recommended as a treatment for conjunctivitis, mud therapy is also said to help with improving eyesight. However, it is advisable to get the treatment done only by experts as the eye area is sensitive.

Mud therapy is an essential part of Naturopathy and offers several health benefits. The idea of applying mud over your face or body may not seem appealing, but the therapy can help you alleviate some of your biggest concerns be it headaches or skin ailments.