Say Hello to Gel Nail Polish

Say Hello to Gel Nail Polish

Beautiful well-manicured nails are as much a sign of a well-groomed woman, as good shoes are for men. The trouble with getting your nails done, is that while they look and feel great for a few days, it doesn’t take long for the nail polish to start chipping and fading, leaving an unseemly scuffed set of talons. And that’s precisely where gel nail polish has changed things for women the world over. Here’s all you need to know about this new long-lasting beauty product.

Gel Nail Polishes

Long lasting manicures
The single biggest reason that’s making gel nail polish a much coveted product, is that it is touted to stand up to weeks of use. Regular users say that it doesn’t chip even after a month. It peels back edging further away from the cuticle, but never ever chips. Whether or not that holds true for you, you can be sure that it will last you much longer than ordinary nail polish, making it perfect for when you don’t have access to your beauty products or are travelling or for anyone who simply doesn’t have the time for frequent nail salon appointments.

Hassle-free alternative
For those looking for hassle-free, low maintenance option for their nails, one that conventional nail polish doesn’t deliver, gel nail polishes are a manna from heaven. Unlike the normal polish that needs a refresh in a few days to a week at best, gel nail polish goes without a touch up for a fortnight or more.

Low maintenance but natural looking nails
Until now, women who wanted low involvement maintenance nails, acrylic nails were the only option. But acrylic nails come with their own disadvantages, not the least of which is that a trained eye or closer glance will instantly reveal that they are fake. Plus there’s always the possibility of them coming loose or breaking off. For those concerned with the fumes involved in preparing acrylic nails, gel nail polish offers a more eco-friendly alternative.

Great base for nail art
Nail art has evolved into an intricate form of self-expression and serious nail artists can create genuine works of art on your fingertips. But even the best work can be let down by a layer of chipping or peeling nail colour underneath. Gel nail polish forms an attractive and durable base in which you can embellish and highlight to your heart’s content.

How to use gel nail polish
To use gel nail polish, you simply apply it as you would any normal nail polish but after properly cleaning and buffing your nails. But once you slick it on, it dries and hardens to form a much smoother finish, not unlike the sheen of an acrylic nail, except it is all real! Apply a base coat followed by two further coats for a great finish. After each coat your nails need to be ‘cured’ under special UV light or LED light. To remove, soak your fingers in acetone and then scrub away. Be sure to moisturise before and after to reduce dryness or cracking from acetone use.