Birkenhead liverpool

Birkenhead Town Hall – Liverpool
Peter Craine [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to the stunning suburban region of Birkenhead in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without seeing the fabled sights that the area has to offer. What sights are we talking about, exactly? Well, how about the world-famous Birkenhead Town Hall? Or maybe you’d prefer to see how and where the Industrial Revolution started instead, with a quick museum tour? You might just want to enjoy the history, the culture and the pleasant lifestyle and thankfully, this lovely location can certainly cater to a host of requirements and expectations.

So, what is there to do exactly?

If you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with about 90,000 people (which is the current population of Birkenhead), then you might be keen to take a walk along the high street where you will find plenty of shops, retail outlets, eateries and sources of entertainment. There are literally dozens and dozens of stores; some of which are privately owned boutiques, while others are worldwide brands that want nothing more than to offer their products and services to the locals and visitors.

Getting around is so simple that it’s ridiculous. There’s a highly efficient bus service, as well as several coaches that can be booked in advance. There are just as many cab agencies, many of which belong to private companies, but you will find an Uber presence if you’d prefer. You could always take the healthier option and have a walk – or if you are in a hurry and want to get somewhere fast, then the nearby railway line can be enjoyed past midnight.

And what of the salons?

With a population of 90,000 people and going up, it should come as no surprise to learn that this region features more hair salons and beauty centres than you can shake a stick at. We’re not sure why you’d want to shake a stick, but we have a good idea why you’d be keen to enjoy a luxurious treatment at the hands of a local specialist.

And that’s exactly what the majority of salons in this region aspire to do, from our experience. We’ve listed some of our favourites and you can take a look at them right now, so why not dive in and get to know what the area has in store for your visit?