Gateacre liverpool

Black Bull Pub Gateacre Village – Liverpool
Ron Gooding [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What do you get if you take an acre of land and add a very prominent gate? Gateacre of course! Although this has nothing to do with the naming of the stunning suburb in Liverpool, we’d like to think that it’s a pretty good effort.

So, where does this region get its name from? Well theories are up in the air, but many experts suggest the name dating back to Tudor times, with Henry VIII himself frequenting the region. The mock Tudor styled pub in the village of Gateacre stands testament to this; if you’d like to see it, just ask the locals to direct you to the Black Bull pub.

Is there more to do than just drink?

Yes, of course! There are so many things to do here that we’re going to try really hard to list as many of them right here for your convenience. If you like history then you will feel ridiculously spoilt, what with over 100 buildings that date back to the Tudor period and are protected by the local authority. If you’re into culture then the centre of the area is certainly diverse, with a variety of international stores, restaurants and other outlets.

Getting around is fairly straight forward, with an active bus route coming directly from the nearby region of Childwall (and back again). Just in front of the Black Bull pub is the Jubilee Memorial – a monument that many cab services use as reference when dropping their passengers off, or picking them up. In a nutshell travel is quite easy, but we know why you’re really here.

Can you use the travel to get to the best salons?

Yes, yes and a massive yes. Unlike other parts of Liverpool that are pretty sparse, this region is notoriously easy to get around. You might not want to walk to your salon if you can avoid it, because there are huge parks, fields and farmland to traverse – but if you book a cab or jump aboard a bus, you’ll be at your salon in next to no time.

So, what types of salons are available? Well in short, there are several. You’ll find regular beauty salons, hair care centres, a laser clinic and a few other facilities that offer therapies and treatments. By taking a look through our listings right now, we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit your needs.