Hoylake liverpool

Hoylake Beach – Liverpool
Sue Adair [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a beach. There’s stunning views to a nearby island. There’s even a fully functional port offering ferry services. Where are we talking about exactly? Hoylake in Liverpool of course! This quaint seaside town enjoys a small population of under 15,000 residents – and as the location is pretty large compared to the other local suburbs; you’ll be enjoying peace, harmony and spacious surroundings whenever you visit.

Why might you want to visit?

If the appeal of a well-maintained beach doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe the range of retail outlets might instead. Shopping is a huge deal in Hoylake, with an entire high street dedicated to brands, beauty salons and eateries. If you like great views then you might want to reconsider the beach option – especially if you visit Hoylake Beach itself, which has a very nice view out to Hilbre Island.

There are so many things to do that would appeal to such a broad range of lifestyle preferences that we simply couldn’t hope to list them all here. But we’ll try! As mentioned above, there are sights to be seen, shops to be visited and restaurants to eat at. There’s an active bus service, several cab agencies and more than a dozen bicycle routes for those that don’t mind pedalling to their destination.

Get back to the salons!

Okay, so you might have noticed that we briefly mentioned beauty salons above – so what better time to talk more about them than right now? If you want low quality results then you might want to look elsewhere, because this area plays host to some of the most effective salons and hair clinics that we’ve ever come across.

There are a handful on the high street and several others dotted around the township. Toward the dock is where others can be found, but they can be a little more expensive than those that are further inland. Why not take a look at our listings now, to see if you can find at least one that appeals to you?