Prescot liverpool

St Mary’s Church Prescot – Liverpool
Sue Adair [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Certain parts of Liverpool are famous for their nightlife, their diverse cultures and their incredible variety of entertainment – and if we had to rank the parish of Prescot on this chart, we’d have to give it a five. That’s not because it’s boring by any stretch of the imagination; quite the opposite in fact. It’s just that this region is far more tranquil and relaxed than other parts of the city, so if you’re planning on visiting, you might want to prepare yourself for the laid back lifestyle that you’ll be presented with.

How laid back are we talking here?

There’s a population of about 12,000 calling this quaint area their home and after a recent survey, it was discovered that the majority are over the age of 50. Even so, there are still a lot of things for younger people to enjoy in the region. If you’re a history buff then the nearby St Mary’s Church in Prescot offers a mix of architectural appeal and historic value.

If you are looking for a few leisure activities, in the past few years several arts events have been established – and if you plan your visit, you could find yourself enjoying the ten day Festival of Music and Arts. If you really want to get your hands dirty, you could always book a tour on the Knowsley Safari, which can be found on the edge of Lord Derby’s estate.

Are there any salons here?

We can think of ten off of the top of our heads, which is great because we just so happen to be called UK 10 Best! If you’re looking for salons that offer extensive massage and therapy services you’ll find plenty. If you fancy having your hair taken care of by a professional stylist, then you’ll find just as many likely candidates!

In fact, if you are after any type of treatment, therapy, or even cosmetic surgeries; the region plays host to a comfortable variety of beauty salons and spas to ensure that you get the most from your visit, so just take a look at our listings to get started.